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What is StreamPlug?
It's a video/audio player with a specificity, it is mainly dedicated to online viewing/listening, eventhough its capabilities as a local player are constantly being improved on.
This means a file played by StreamPlug® is in most cases not physically present on the user's computer at the time of the viewing or listening. It is progressively sent, from a distant server to a client, the user.
The consequence of this is that the client can start watching or listening to a file without having it, hence making it instanteanous.

Why A New Streaming Technology?
Streamplug® has many features making it unique and extremely flexible to use, both technically and financially. The aim of the developments concerning StreamPlug® is to provide web users with an easy streaming solution offering a completely professional quality at low costs.

Advantages :

- StreamPlug® is the most compact player. For the end user, it comes in the form of a small plug-in for his/her web-browser. The complete package is only 200k to download, making it extremely fast to install.. Furthermore, the client does not need the codecs used by the wed-administrator during encoding installed on his machine, StreamPlug® comes with its own decoder and offers instant compatibility.

- StreamPlug® takes the best advantage of the Mpeg-4 family of codecs and of the most respected audio compression formats to deliver in a simple way the best quality available today. DivX®, XviD, 3ivX, to mention only the main ones for video encoding and Ogg Vorbis for audio encoding let StreamPlug explore new possiblities for digital rendering.

Low Cost
- From the web-administrator side, StreamPlug® offers many cost reducing features : complete support of formats that are free, hence making it possible to aim at large projects without instantly facing the cost of large license fees. In the same way, StreamPlug® uses the usual HTTP protocol, which means that a normal HTML server can be used to stream files. Only the bandwidth capacity of the server and the audience aimed at will determine the choice of a server.

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