The Ultimate Streaming Solution - DivX / XviD Compatible -
SP v2.0
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Terms Of Use

Basic Principles :
  • StreamPlug® is free to use without express permission from Cedelia for non-commercial use ONLY
  • Any type of profit-making use of StreamPlug® requires a license and express agreement from Cedelia
  • Cedelia CAN NOT be held responsible for copyright infringement perpretated by third parties using StreamPlug® and will prosecute such use of StreamPlug®.
  • Cedelia CAN NOT be held responsible for failure of delivery and/or damage/loss of data caused by the use of StreamPlug®
Please note that these are only reminders. See below.

StreamPlug® EULA
You have to agree with the SP End User License Agreement if you intend to use it on your website. The license can be found here in pdf.

Please take some time to read it carefully as it defines responsabilities for you as a streamplug administrator.

Make sure you are also aware of each codec's license you use, as they vary widely.

StreamPlug® is a Cedelia technology, © Cedelia 2001 - 2004 - All Rights Reserved. Website layout by Cedelia.
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